Teacher Application

Why Apply?

By volunteering with a nonprofit, teachers will gain practical experience from overseeing a community project which will come in use when entering the workforce

Furthermore, by designing and implementing a curriculum from scratch, teachers will not only be able to gain a deeper understanding of their language, but will also attain the organizational and managerial skills necessary for the real world

Time Commitment

  1. Teachers will be expected to commit five hours a week in May (before the program start) to develop the curriculum

  2. During the session, teachers will be expected to teach two 45-minute classes per week, per group they choose to work with (if confused, please refer to the class options in the written application)

  3. Teachers will be expected to attend weekly team meetings

Session Dates

Sessions will take place over the course of June, July, and August of 2021. Teachers will select the months they are able to teach in the written application. 

The written application is due by April 1, 2021.


More information: Program outline

Application Process

Stage 1: Written Application and  Proof of Proficiency (Due April 1, 2021)

The first step is completing the written application and uploading proof of proficiency. This can be anything from a formal transcript of your foreign language class to results from an official proficiency test. 

Stage 2: Virtual Interview

The second step is a virtual interview with the Literacy Lab program directors. After your application has been submitted, the directors will contact you to set up a meeting time.